Razer Releases New Basilisk Wireless Mice

Razer Releases New Basilisk Wireless Mice

If you are looking to purchase new gaming mouse, you would be glad to know that Razer has announced two new wireless mice in the Basilisk family.

Named the Basilisk X HyperSpeed and the Basilisk Ultimate, both of the mice use Razer’s HyperSpeed technology which according to the company is 25 percent faster than traditional wireless mice.

The first of the two, Basilisk X HyperSpeed comes with a 2.4GHz dongle and supports Bluetooth connectivity. According to Razer, the mouse will give up to 450 hours of battery life while connected via Bluetooth. As for features, the mouse features 16,000 DPI, 40G acceleration. Additionally, the mouse features 6 programmable buttons. However, the mouse is targeted toward budget consumers and lack features you might look for in a gaming mouse.

Basilisk Ultimate on the other hand, comes with several high-end features. According to Razer, the mouse uses optical mouse switches that don’t require contact to send signals meaning there’s no corrosive effects. Apart from this, the mouse supports up to give onboard profile and you will be able to switch between settings on the go. Moreover, Basilisk Ultimate features a 20,000 20,000 DPI Focus+ sensor with an acceleration of up to 50 G. Moreover, the mouse features 11 customizable buttons and 14 RGB lightning zones.

Additionally, the mouse comes with a dock that will tell you how much charge you have left. Apart from a 4GHz dongle, you can use the mouse with the included USB cable to charge the mouse while using it.

In case you are interested, you can purchase the Basilisk X HyperSpeed for $59.99 starting from today through the official website and retailers. The Razer Basilisk Ultimate cost $169.99 which also include the dock which costs $49.99.

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