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PUBG Mobile to Get a Payload Mode

PUBG Mobile to Get a Payload Mode

Tencent recently announced that it is adding payload mode to PUBG Mobile. When the game mode becomes available, it’ll bring new heavy weapons, Super Weapon Crates, a helicopter among many other features. According to the company, the payload Mode will follow similar gameplay mechanics to the classic battle royale experience.

If you have followed the game lately, then you already know that the Payload Mode arrived for the mobile game few weeks earlier. At the time however, the company noted that players will need to wait few more weeks for the mode to be available for everyone. Interestingly, the company recently teased on Twitter that we might be getting the mode sooner than expected.

In a tweet sent out earlier, the company included a gameplay trailer to showcase different aspects of the gameplay. However, the company hasn’t provided any specifics regarding the upcoming mode. But we should learn more about the upcoming mode in the coming days leading up to the release.

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