Nest WiFi to Have ‘Gaming Preferred’ Mode

Nest WiFi to Have ‘Gaming Preferred’ Mode

We are just over two weeks away from the release of Stadia as Google continues to prepare for its upcoming game streaming service. Although Stadia will eliminate the need for high-end hardware, the product has significant bandwidth requirements in case you want the best experience out of the service. As you will need consistent internet connection to use Stadia, it’ll be interesting to see how average consumers react to the product upon its launch. Interestingly, Google has revealed that its Nest WiFi device will solve this problem with a ‘Gaming Preferred’ mode.

In a recent teardown of the new Google Home app, 9to5Google discovered that the products will contain the feature  that will prioritize services like Stadia. As a result, your Google WiFi or Nest WiFi device will favor Stadia’s connection. Thanks to this, if someone else in your house is using another device, the Stadia connection will not be affected.

Google described, “Gaming preferred prioritizes Stadia so your gameplay doesn’t get slowed down by other devices or activities on your network, like someone streaming TV or browsing the web in the other room. Gaming preferred will work when you’re playing games on Stadia.”

While we will have to wait to learn more about the feature, the feature was always expected as it will allow Google to market their products while adopting greater adoption going forward. As we are just days away from the official release, we should learn more about the upcoming game streaming service moving forward.

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