Microsoft Outlook Is Getting Major Redesign on Mac

Microsoft Outlook Is Getting Major Redesign on Mac

In the first day of Microsoft’s Ignite 2019 conference in Orlando, the company announced a number of new improvements across its products. Among these latest announcements, Microsoft revealed that Outlook for Mac is set to get a major redesign as well as new tools to help users to organize their works.

During the event, Microsoft revealed that these tools include email replies that will scale based on user preferences on other connected apps. According to the company, this will use the same sync technology as other Outlook services.

Apart from Mac, mobile apps for Outlook will also get several improvements. Microsoft revealed that Meeting Insights, Up Next, and inferred locations will come to the mobile versions of the service in the next couple of weeks. Additionally, Outlook for iOS will include a new Play My Emails feature that will read your emails to adjust your daily schedule. Moreover, the service will encrypt your email notifications if your device is locked. In case you need to read the email notifications, you will need to first unlock your device.

Apart from Outlook, the Office 365 is also getting a number of additional features. Although it’s been quite a while since Microsoft announced Ideas for Word, the preview of the feature is rolling out to Office 365 commercial users. In case you didn’t know, the feature will provide ideas for spelling, grammar among many other benefits. At the moment, it’s unclear when the feature will become available to standard users.

In addition to the Word, Excel also got a number of additions. You will now be able to make natural language queries which is available for Office Insiders. Moreover, Excel now features Office Scripting that will record users’ action in a script. This feature will be available in the coming weeks according to the company.

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