LG Brings G-SYNC to Its Latest TV

LG Brings G-SYNC to Its Latest TV

As technology have evolved over last couple of years, more TV manufacturers have added new features to attract customers. While most of the modern smart TVs come with AI powered features, majority of the high-end televisions come with higher resolution, HDR and color management and frame interpolation. While these features are suitable for general entertainment purposes, gaming on most TVs can feel sluggish. In order to solve this problem, LG has announced that it will be bringing Nvidia’s G-SYNC to its TV sets to make them viable for consumers who are interested in gaming in large screens.

As you might already know, video games require more than the average features of the traditional television screens. For instance, since gamers can experience earing or flickering when their display can’t keep up with the video data, it’s extremely important that the monitors avoid such scenarios. As a result, Nvidia developed G-SYNC to match monitor’s refresh rate with the frames per second gamers get from their rig. While most of the gaming monitors these days come with lower response time and G-SYNC, TVs don’t generally come with it.

However, LG wants to change that as the company recently announced that its TVs will be getting G-SYNC upgrade this week. At the moment however, not all of the models will get the upcoming update. In the official announcement, LG revealed that the new feature will be available for the select 2019 OLED TV models.

Moreover, the update will be sent out on a rolling basis in North America with consumers in the other regions will get the update in the near future. As expected, if you want to play games on one of these large screens, you will need to have a computer with Nvidia graphics card that can output frames that matches or exceeds the monitor refresh rate.

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