Huawei to Get Trade Ban Exemptions in the Coming Days

Huawei to Get Trade Ban Exemptions in the Coming Days

It’s been rough couple of months for Huawei after the company found itself included in the United States Entity List. Shortly after the inclusion, a number of US companies quickly responded to cut down all business ties with the smartphone manufacturer. However, US government at the time responded that they will provide some exemptions to Huawei although the company will continue to stay in the United States Entity List.

While some of the companies have already applied these exemptions, none of them has been granted by the government thus far. However, during a recent interview with Bloomberg, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross revealed that these exemptions would be granted “very shortly”.

According to Ross, about 260 exemptions have been granted for the company thus far which is more than they expected. While it’s unclear if they will change moving forward, Ross said that although some exemptions are granted, not all of the US companies will have the permission to conduct business with the smartphone manufacture.

Although it is unclear which companies have applied for exemptions, given Google’s reliance on smartphone business, it’s safe to assume that the tech firm is one of these companies.

These exemptions will be crucial for Huawei moving forward as the upcoming exemptions will allow the smartphone to ship their smartphones with products that originate from the United States. Although Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro are set to ship without Google Play Services, it’s likely that the smartphone manufacturer will bring these services following the announcement.

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