Google to Stop Supporting Original Pixel Three Years after Release

Google to Stop Supporting Original Pixel Three Years after Release

Although Android remains to be the most popular operating system for smartphones, manufacturers have been pretty inconsistent with their adoption of new updates. This is where Google’s Pixel devices come in as these smartphones receive monthly security updates and new Android versions for three years following the smartphones’ initial release. As original Pixel phone launched back in 2016, it has come to end of three years update schedule and Google released a new monthly patch for its smartphones. While the original Pixel didn’t receive the update, Google has revealed that it will release one more update at the end of the year.

As you might remember, Pixel phones were Google’s first attempt at entering the smartphone market. Although Google had released Nexus devices in the past up until that point, Nexus smartphones were produced with intentions to showcase new versions of Android. As these smartphones were produced by third-party manufacturers, they provided inconsistent performance at times. But Pixel changed that as they are arguably some of the best Android smartphones available for customers.

While the original Pixel smartphones were promised just two years of major OS updates, Google decided to release Android 10 for the model. However, some users were frustrated as it means Google will end support shortly after the update. In order to solve this problem, the company will release one more update to these smartphones in December. Afterwards, Google will provide no more support for older devices.

As the monthly updates are more important to keep users safe from different threats, it’ll be interesting to see how Google provides supports for other smartphone models going forward.

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