Google to Release Recorder App with Auto Transcribe for Older Pixel Smartphones

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Google’s Pixel 4 smartphones have been pretty well received upon its release in terms of features and the smartphone also marked the launch of Recorder. While the app is exclusive to Pixel 4 at the moment, Google recently revealed that it will be coming to other Pixel devices in the future.

In case you didn’t know, Recorder has become popular among users for its auto-transcription feature that turns speech into text with high accuracy. While other text-to-speech apps traditionally use cloud to perform its task, recorder doesn’t depend on the cloud. As a result, anyone who needs to record something will find the app extremely helpful. Moreover, the app doesn’t require any subscription or purchase which makes the app even more attractive to customers.

In a recent post on Reddit, Google revealed that the company has plans to make the app available on older Pixel smartphones in future. However, the company didn’t reveal when users of older devices can expect to receive the app.

In case you are currently using one of the older Pixel smartphones, you will be able to head to Play Store to directly download the app. Google revealed that it will update the list to include which Pixel devices will support the app.

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