Google Adds Several New Features to Chrome OS with the Latest Update

Google Adds Several New Features to Chrome OS with the Latest Update

Google has released a new version of Chrome OS for compatible notebooks. While the latest update doesn’t contain massive changes, Chrome 77 brings a significant new feature called Virtual Desk that is similar to virtual Desktop feature similar to the one found in Windows 10.

If you are interested in using the feature, you will need to open Overview after installing the latest update from the top of the screen. You can use the following keyboard shortcuts to complete different tasks:

  • Create a new Desk with “Shift” + “Search ” + “=”
  • Switch between Desks with “Search ” + “]”
  • Move windows between Desks with “Shift” + “Search ” + “]”

Apart from this, the latest version of Chrome also brought Click-to-call feature. If you are using an Android smartphone, you will be able to right-click a phone number while visiting a webpage and send the number to your smartphone. However, you will need to have both devices synced to use this feature.

Moreover, Chrome OS will automatically show compatible printers in the list from now to make it easier to print. Lastly, the update has made it significantly easier to share feedbacks about the operating system. If you interested in using the feedback feature, you will need to head to the power menu where you will see a new button.

Google has noted that it is releasing the update on a rolling basis. As a result, you might need to wait a while to receive the update in case you haven’t got it immediately.

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