EA Reveals Timeframe for Apex Legends Mobile Release

EA Reveals Timeframe for Apex Legends Mobile Release

Although battle royale games have been extremely popular over last couple of years, EA was surprisingly quite in releasing a title in the genre. Apex Legends came out earlier this year and provided an alternative to Fortnite and other popular battle royale games. Despite the number of people playing the game has gone down since the release back in February, the title remains to be one of the most popular games available at the moment. While we have known for a while that EA will release the game for smartphones, there wasn’t any release timeframe for the title. Interestingly, EA has revealed when it wants to release the game in the future.

We first learned about EA’s plan on releasing Apex Legends Mobile back in May. At the time, EA announced that Apex Legends is a major success for the company as it brought a large number of new customers to the company. As a result of this, the company promised to release contents for the title on a regular basis. Moreover, the company said that it was looking to launch the title as a mobile game going forward.

Since then the company has been relatively quiet about the development of the upcoming title and recently, EA CEO Andrew Wilson revealed that we will get the mobile version of Apex Legends sometime during the company’s fiscal year 2021. This means that we are at least a year away from the release of the upcoming title.

Given the popularity of such titles on the smartphones, it’s not a surprise that EA will release Apex Legends on smartphone. However, when it releases, it will compete with other popular titles. Although Epic was first to enter the mobile space with Fortnite, smartphone users right now have other popular titles such as Call of Duty available to meet their needs. As a result, it’ll be interesting to see how successful EA becomes with the release of Apex Legends Mobile. As we move forward, more details of the upcoming title are likely to come out on a regular basis.

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