Dropbox Transfer Allows Users to Share Files up to 100GB

Dropbox Transfer Allows Users to Share Files up to 100GB

Although cloud storage services such as Dropbox are pretty convenient, most of these services come with a limit on the size of single file. As a result, if someone wanted to transfer a really large file, they would find a limited number of available options.

Few months earlier Dropbox introduced a file sharing service that would allow users to share files that were up to 100GB. After spending a long time in beta, the service is now available for anyone who’s interested.

In case you are wondering, Dropbox Transfer allows users to share files with others without the requirements to set up access rights to files and folders. As mentioned earlier, the new service allows users to transfer up to 100GB files without going through detailed process. Moreover, you can share the file to users who don’t have Dropbox account. In order to provide security, Dropbox is using password protection and time-limited access.

In a recent blog post, the company noted, “As we bring Transfer to everyone, we’ve added a few new features to make it easier and more customizable. You can now start a transfer from the Dropbox desktop and iOS apps in addition to dropbox.com. Plus, you can access transfers that others send to you through our iOS app. And we’re giving you the ability to customize the design with a background and logo that will appear when recipients view your transfers.”

If you are interested in trying out the service, you can do so by going to the official site here.

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