Diablo IV Will Feature Microtransactions

Diablo IV Will Feature Microtransactions

After years of anticipation, Blizzard finally unveiled Diablo IV during BlizzCon 2019. Although we are still a long time away from getting our hands on the upcoming title, recently the game’s lead designer Joe Shely revealed that the upcoming game will feature microtransactions.

Despite the negativity surrounding the practice, Microtransactions have become pretty common feature over last couple of years. In a recent appearance during Quin69’s stream, Shely revealed that Diablo IV will feature microtransactions that gamers can look forward to.

According to Shely, instead of implementing a pay to win model, Blizzard will implement the method purely on cosmetics. Shely said, “Diablo 4 will be available as a base game, and… we’re going to have expansions. You also will be able to acquire cosmetics in the game.”

If you have played Blizzard’s games over the years, then the latest revelation shouldn’t really come off as a major surprise. Blizzard has implemented similar practice with Overwatch which has proven to be a major success since the game’s release back in 2016. Just few months earlier, Blizzard revealed that the company brought in over $3 billion from loot box sales.

Moreover, since Blizzard tried to introduce customizations in Diablo III, the upcoming change will be interesting to see since it will allow more customizations for the characters. However, it’s too early to say anything as there’s no release date for Diablo IV just yet and Blizzard might change its stance going forward.

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