Cortana Can Now Send You a To-Do List via Email

Cortana Can Now Send You a To-Do List via Email

Digital assistants such as Siri, Cortana and Google assistant have come a long way over last couple of years and earlier today during Ignite 2019 conference, Microsoft announced several improvements along with new features for Cortana. One of these changes include the added ability to send users a daily Briefing email.

In case you are wondering, thanks to the new feature, Cortana can now collect things that you are supposed to complete on a given day and sends you an email. If you have a lot of appointments coming up, this feature will be extremely useful for you to keep up with the daily tasks.

Apart from this, scheduling meetings using Cortana will become easier going forward. From now on, when you send an email to someone for a meeting, you will be able to include Cortana on the meeting and you can ask Cortana to complete different tasks using natural languages. Afterwards, the assistant will automatically book meetings when all of the participants are available given you have access to participants’ calendars. When Cortana schedules a meeting, others can accept the meeting and the virtual assistant will send out calendar invites to everyone involved.

During the event, Microsoft also revealed several of the features the company is working on at the moment. Among these features, integrations in teams, improvements to Cortana for Windows as well as more natural interactions are priority of the company moving forward. Microsoft expects to roll out these features in the coming months.

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