China Bans Online Sales of Electronic Cigarettes

China Bans Online Sales of Electronic Cigarettes

According to a report from Reuters, Chinese authorities have decided to ban sale of electronic cigarettes over internet.

The latest decision comes after an outbreak of a lung disease that is related to vaping in the United States. According to the report, Chinese regulators had sent out a request to businesses to end their online sales. The notice first appeared in the state-owned China Tobacco.

The regulators expect that the latest ban will prevent minors from getting access to electronic cigarettes. While the electronic cigarettes will be available in the physical stores, it will be significantly difficult for minors to get access to them.

China’s latest decision comes as crackdown on electronic cigarettes in the United States is still going on. Following the recent outbreak of lung disease, the authorities have launched an investigation. Additionally, FDA is working on preventing the sale of favored electronic cigarettes.

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