Apple Watch Series 6 Will Feature Improved Water Resistance

Apple Watch Series 6 Will Feature Improved Water Resistance

Although other smart accessories manufacturers have tried to attract more fans with their offerings, Apple has established itself in the market with Apple Watch Series. When the company launched Apple Watch Series 2, it introduced water resistance to the watch to make them usable in whole lot of scenarios. According to renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple might be looking at ways to expand the feature in next year’s model.

While it’ll be interesting to see what Apple intends to introduce with the next iteration of Apple Watch Series, no details regarding the changes are available at the moment. However, as Apple Watch Series has featured water-resistance of up to 50m since the introduction, it’s likely that Apple will improve on the feature to make them suitable a wider range of use cases.

Apart from this, Kuo revealed that Apple Watch Series 6 will feature faster performance along with improved wireless connectivity to improve the accessories’ WiFi and cellular connectivity. As Kuo has successfully predicted features of different Apple products in the past, it’s likely that his prediction regarding the Apple Watch Series 6 is accurate.

As for availability, Apple isn’t likely to release the smartwatch anytime soon. As of now, Apple is expected to announce Apple Watch Series 6 along with iPhone 12 and launch them at the same time.

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