Apple Is Rumored to Announce 16-inch MacBook Later This Week

Apple Is Rumored to Announce 16-inch MacBook Later This Week

There hasn’t been any shortage of rumors surrounding Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro over last couple of months. Although we heard rumors that the company might be announcing the laptop in October, that never really materialized. But if a recent report from 9to5mac is accurate, then we might finally see the laptop later this week.

According to the outlet, Apple is planning on holding a private press briefing later this week. Although details of the event are rare, the report speculated that the private briefing might be related to previously announced Mac Pro and upcoming 16-inch MacBook pro.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait to see if the company indeed announces the rumored laptop sometime this week. Given that there hasn’t been any shortage of hints from official macOS release, it won’t be surprising if Apple indeed ends up announcing the laptop during the press briefing.

If that’s the case, it will mark an important shift in Apple’s product lineup. Apple dropped the 17-inch MacBook Pro model few years earlier which makes the upcoming announcement even more exciting. If recent rumors are accurate, then the upcoming laptop will also feature a number of changes to address issues that have been plaguing MacBook in recent years. Most notable one is the butterfly keyboard issue which has attracted a lot of criticisms. Although Apple has adamant about the technology, reports have claimed that the company will drop the butterfly switch in favor of some different technology.

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