YouTube Music Now Supports Siri, Gets a Desktop App

YouTube Music Now Supports Siri, Gets a Desktop App

If you are a regular user of YouTube Music, then you will be glad to know that the service is getting a number of new features in different platforms starting from today.

While the desktop app for the service has been absent for a long time, the music streaming service finally has got a standalone desktop app meaning you are no longer required to listen to music through the service in your browser.

The new desktop app for the music streaming service does exactly what you might have expected. It works similar to the apps offered by other music streaming services. As a result, it was highly surprising why YouTube Music didn’t have a dedicated desktop app for the service at the launch. Regardless of that, if you aren’t interested in using the desktop app for the service, you will be able to listen to music using the traditional method of going to the website. Moreover, Google has said that the desktop app is available in form of an extension for Chrome and Microsoft Edge as well.

Apart from the desktop app, YouTube Music also introduced Siri support for the service thanks to SiriKit introduced with iOS 13. However, YouTube Music isn’t the first company to release support for Siri as Spotify started supporting Siri from earlier this month. As for YouTube Music, the support includes integration with Apple CarPlay but you will need to specify the platform.

If you were interested in using the services released today, you will need to update YouTube Music for iOS by visiting the App Store. On the other hand, the desktop app and the extensions aren’t available at the moment. But expect them to be available in the coming days.

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