Steam’s Redesigned Library Is Now Available to Everyone

Steam’s Redesigned Library Is Now Available to Everyone

Back in September, Steam unveiled major redesign for its library within the app. If you were wondering when the company will release the redesign, you’d be glad to know that the design is now available for everyone.

The redesign focuses heavily on improved artworks. Additionally, a central area now focuses on games related news as well as recent titles. Moreover, there’s an option to create collections based on certain tags.

Apart from this, you would be able to see a revamped ‘What’s New’ option that focuses on in-game events such as the titles you own, new add-ons or special multiplayer events. Moreover, you will see an icon appear under a game’s artwork to give you an at-a-glance indication if a friend is currently playing.

In addition to the major redesign, the latest update also expands Steam’s new Remote Play Together feature. Thanks to this addition, you will be able to host a multiplayer session over internet. It will allow your friends to join a local multiplayer game as if they were nearby. However, the view is limited to in-game actions to prevent compromise of privacy.

If you haven’t received the latest update, you might want to close Steam to apply the update.

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