Spotify Unveils Spotify for Kids App

Spotify Unveils Spotify for Kids App

Earlier today, Spotify has announced its Kids app to ensure that your child doesn’t come across contents not suitable for children.

Available with the Spotify Premium Family subscription, the new Spotify Kids app will make it easier for parents who want to keep their children entertained without the need to monitor their activities over the app. Similar to the regular Spotify premium subscription, Spotify Kids will allow children to listen to music both online and offline.

However, the Kids app come with an automatic song filtering service to remove explicit contents from playlist. Instead of logging into the main account with different credentials, children will get their own application. In order to make it more suitable, the app brings a vibrant cartoon filled experience.

Apart from this, the app’s playlist will be curated by humans rather than automated algorithms to remove errors. In case you are wondering, the app will come with a number of different genres and contents which are suitable for users who aren’t ready to access the full application. In order to do so, the app will allow parents to set up age group during setup and the curated playlist will be available.

The app is now available in both App Store and Play Store as part of premium family plan as mentioned earlier.

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