Samsung Files Patents for a Number of Weird Smartphone Designs

Samsung Files Patents for a Number of Weird Smartphone Designs

As you might already know, tech companies work on new designs for their products on a regular basis even though not all of the ideas become reality. Samsung isn’t different and recently, a report revealed a number of smartphone patents that give ideas on what Samsung might be working on.

In case you are interested, one of these smartphone designs is a foldable smartphone which is similar to the design of Huawei Mate X. If you have seen the current Galaxy Fold, you already know that the foldable part of the display resides inside the smartphone. However, the latest patent puts the display outside similar to Huawei’s foldable device. At the moment it’s unclear if the company will end up using the design in near future.

Apart from this, the report also mentions another smartphone that reveals a moduler smartphone design. While it’s not the first time we have heard about such smartphone design, Samsung’s modules come in form of tabs which can be pulled out and attached to the smartphone. This means consumers will be able to add additional storage, extra battery etc. in their phones.

Although we have seen such concepts before, it’ll be interesting to see if Samsung makes such designs a reality. After all, foldable displays for a long time seemed impossible.

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