Qualcomm’s Upcoming Chip Might Improve Wear OS Battery Life Significantly

Qualcomm’s Upcoming Chip Might Improve Wear OS Battery Life Significantly

Although smartwatches have become pretty popular over last couple of years, Wear OS watches have fallen behind significantly due to their abysmal battery life. For instance, you can expect WearOS watches lasting only a day or two on a single charge compared to the five+ days of battery life on similar accessories from other manufacturers. In order to solve this problem, Qualcomm is working on introducing new SoC.

According to XDA Developers, Qualcomm is working on bringing a wearable chipset based on Snapdragon 429 processor. The news comes after the outlet discovered a code commit that mentions a device tree for an “SDW3300 device.”

However, this isn’t the first time we are hearing about such chipset. we heard about similar chipset earlier this year but didn’t have any details on the probable features at the time.

The Snapdragon 429 chipset is meant for smartphones and can be found in budget smartphones. However, accessories like smartwatch can benefit greatly from the chipset’s features. For instance, the Snapdragon 429 features four Cortex-A53 cores meaning it will offer significantly improved performance and battery life.

However, it is still too early to talk about the new chipset as we don’t have any official confirmation from the company. But if the company intends to release new chipset, we will learn about the upcoming chipset over next couple of months.

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