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Original Pixel 4 Could Shot at 4K at 60 FPS

Original Pixel 4 Could Shot at 4K at 60 FPS

Although Google’s Pixel 4 launch didn’t go as well as the company might have expected, the smartphone comes with solid specifications to meet everyone’s needs. However, recently it was discovered that the smartphone cannot record 4K videos at 60fps. Rather the video recording at 4K resolution would be at 30fps. At the time, the company has clarified that since 4K recording at 60fps take up more storage space, the decision was taken in order to save storage space on the smartphone.

Interestingly, Mishaal Rahman from XDA Developers recently tweeted out that Google initially enabled 4K recording at 60fps for Pixel 4 smartphones. However, later the company decided to remove the feature. You can check out Rahman’s tweet below:

While disappointing, the switch makes sense as Pixel 4 comes with 64GB and 128GB of storage. As a result, Google might be trying to save up its storage space by removing the feature. Although disappointing, the lack of the 4K recording at 60fps won’t be noticed by a lot of people as majority of smartphone users record their videos at a lower resolution anyways.

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