New PS5 Leak Confirms that PlayStation 5 Might Outperform Xbox Scarlett

New PS5 Leak Confirms that PlayStation 5 Might Outperform Xbox Scarlett

We are getting leaks involving PlayStation 5 on a regular basis as we eagerly wait for the next generation console. While we are set to get some of the most sought-after technologies with the console, fans are interested in knowing if the upcoming device will outperform Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett. If a recent job listing is anything to go by, then PS5 customers will get ‘world’s fastest console’.

According gaming journalist Hunter, a quickly deleted job listing was looking for a Senior Cloud Engineering Manager at Sony. At the time, Sony was advertising the opportunity to work on the console.

This latest claim doesn’t come off as a massive shocker as we saw a Spider-Man demo loading 18 times faster on PS5 than on PS4. With the latest job description, it seems that the console will beat Scarlett to become the fastest console in the world when it becomes available.

In case you didn’t know, PlayStation 5 will bring support for 8K graphics, advanced ray tracing capabilities to bring more realistic graphics to consumers. As for the latest job listing and the console being the fastest, we will have to wait to find out the accuracy of the claims. As mentioned earlier, the job listing has been deleted since then.

As we move into 2020, expect more details related the upcoming console to come out on a regular basis. You can check out Hunter’s full status below.

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