Home Business & Finance iPhone 11 Makes Up Over 50 Percent of New iPhone Sales

iPhone 11 Makes Up Over 50 Percent of New iPhone Sales

iPhone 11 Makes Up Over 50 Percent of New iPhone Sales

Apple released iPhone XR with high expectations and the sales figures of the smartphone have lived up to the expectations. For instance, the model made up majority of iPhone sales of last year. Although the sales figures of the iPhone XR didn’t disappoint, the consumers were let down as they thought they were giving up on performance expected from an iPhone in order to save money. However, this year has been different as iPhone 11 came with reasonable specifications and the latest iPhone model is most popular among consumers.

According to a report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, iPhone 11 represents about 50 percent of the total sales of the new lineup. This doesn’t come off as a major surprise as iPhone 11 got some pretty decent upgrades over the previous releases. The major upgrade was the camera of iPhone 11. Josh Lowitz commented, “It seems that iPhone customers consumers have a greater appetite for the historic flagship priced phone, with fewer paying up for the new top-of-the-line models.”

With the sales figures to back the claim up, it seems that a lot of customers are preferring iPhone 11 over more expensive models. Although the higher end models offer better screen, in future Apple is expected to bring OLED displays to the cheaper models which should make the cheaper model even more attractive to customers. As Apple is expected to release iPhone SE2 next year, it’ll be interesting to see how the company improves the offerings with the upcoming smartphone.

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