Google Pixel 4 Display to Will Support More Brightness Conditions

Google Pixel 4 Display to Will Support More Brightness Conditions

Although it’s been just couple of days since Pixel 4 started shipping, Google’s latest flagship smartphone has been part of mixed reviews so far. This isn’t particularly surprising considering opinions during the initial announcement have been pretty dividing with the latest one related to the display of the smartphone.

Recently a number of Redditors discovered several scenarios where the Pixel 4’s display will refresh at 90Hz and sometimes it’ll go down to 60Hz. During the launch of the latest smartphone, the company claimed that the device adjusts the refresh rate depending on the processes of the smartphone to improve the battery life. However, if the brightness of the display goes below 75 percent, the display goes back to 60Hz or when there is enough ambient light around. As a result, the switch is less predictable.

Given that the latest issue can cause unpredictable battery drains, Google has now promised a software fix in the coming weeks. However, it’s unclear how the software fix will impact the performance or the battery life of the smartphone.

This latest complaint comes shortly after users discovered a major flaw in the smartphone’s face recognition feature. A number of users revealed that Pixel 4’s face recognition works even when the owner’s eyes are closed. Given that the device lacks other sorts of biometric security measure, the flaw might be deal breaker for some people.

As for the latest display related complaints, we will have to wait to see when Google releases the fix. Until then, users are forced to decide whether or not they should keep the 60Hz refresh rate.

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