Google Map Gets Speed Trap Avoidance Features

Google Map Gets Speed Trap Avoidance Features

Google continues to work on improving its Map as the search engine giant continues to bring new features to the application. In an attempt to improve experience for those who are using Google Maps, Google has decided to bring some features which Waze users are using for a long time.

Google acquired Waze back in 2013 in an attempt to improve its offerings. At the time, Waze contained similar features to Google Maps. However, Waze was different as the app helped drivers to avoid different scenarios. At the time of acquisition, both parties agreed on a unique deal as Google got access to Waze’s social network while Waze ended up getting Google’s massive database of Google Maps.

However, since then Google hasn’t been particularly interested in bringing Waze’s features to Maps. Recently the search engine giant brought several features to Maps including the option to note traps and police locations to other drivers.

In case you are interested in submitting hazardous roads and speed traps, you will need to use Google Map’s latest version. Afterwards, you can plot a route and will notice a little plus button which prompts you to describe the hazardous description of the road.

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