Google Is Opening a Dedicated Game Development Studio for Stadia

Google Is Opening a Dedicated Game Development Studio for Stadia

Google’s highly anticipated Stadia game streaming service is set to debut few weeks later and the Founder’s Edition quickly sold out after it was launched in selected countries back in June. While we will have to wait to find out how successful the upcoming streaming service becomes, not a lot of titles will be available for the consumers of the platform at the launch. However, Google wants to improve its Stadia offerings as the company has now opened a game studio in Montréal.

Google’s latest announcement shouldn’t really come off as a major surprise as the search engine giant announced the Stadia Games and Entertainment during the initial announcement for Stadia. At the time, the company revealed that the studio will focus on creating games for the platform. And now, the company announced the latest studio in the city which is pretty popular among large companies such as Ubisoft, Warner Bros.

While we will have to wait to find out more about the new studio, the company has said that the company wants to change the way game development works as the studio promises to create diverse set of games.

However, we might have to wait a while before we can see major titles coming out from the studio. During a recent interview, Jade Raymond has said that Google is taking a long-term approach towards creating games. As a result, we are several years away from getting major games from the company.

Although the Founder’s Edition sold out pretty quickly in the launch countries, it will be interesting to see if gamers approve the approach. Especially with Microsoft’s Project xCloud offering a large number of titles, games might feel that they are missing out on exclusive titles. At the moment, we will have to wait few more weeks to find out more as Stadia is set to debut on November 19.

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