Google Assistant Brings SiriusXM Integration

Google Assistant Brings SiriusXM Integration

Google has been pretty busy lately as it continues to integrate different services to make the Google Assistant more feature-rich for users. Earlier today, the company announced SiriusXM radio integration with Google Assistant to make the assistant more than just a digital assistant for its users.

Thanks to the latest addition, SiriusXM will be available to a number of products such as Nest Mini, Nest Hub, and any other devices that support Google Assistant. However, the service won’t be available straight away as you will need to wait until next week to start using the service.

This latest announcement is a major one considering SiriusXM is one of the most popular broadcasters and it recently acquired Pandora to expand its reach to smartphones users. In order to use SiriusXM using Google Assistant, you will need to be little bit more specific. However, you will need to tweak some settings in order to achieve it.

Google mentioned that the services will be available only to the users located in the U.S. and Canada. It’s unclear if the service will come to users from other regions.

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