Gmail Dark Mode Is Now Available for Android and iOS Devices

Gmail Dark Mode Is Now Available for Android and iOS Devices

Dark mode has become extremely popular over last few years as users of both Android 10 and iOS 13 can now apply a systemwide dark theme across these two operating systems. However, as you might know, the dark mode isn’t automatically applied everywhere as some of the most popular apps didn’t support dark mode when the latest operating system shipped. However, the search engine giant has been working on implementing the feature for a long time and the feature is now available for Gmail for both Android and iOS devices.

This latest release isn’t surprising considering it’s been quite a while since Google has started working on the feature. Other popular apps such as Facebook Messenger, Reddit already use dark mode to make it easier to use their services at night or in low-light environment.

Apart from being easy on the eye during night, dark mode can boost battery life of your devices significantly. Earlier this year, Google introduced dark mode in an update to Android Pie but the theme didn’t show up everywhere. However, the dark mode is pretty prominent in Android 10 and apps which use the feature will automatically switch to dark mode if you turn it on.

In case you haven’t used the dark mode for Gmail, you can turn it on using some simple steps. In order to turn the dark mode on, you will need to tap on the menu in the top left. From there, you will need to navigate to Settings and select General Settings. At the top of the page you should see Theme, you’ll need to select it and then select Dark or System default if you are already using the dark theme. As for iOS 13, you will need to use same steps to enable dark mode. While earlier versions of iOS don’t have dark mode enabled within operating system, you can still use dark mode for Android by going to Gmail’s Settings and selecting Dark theme.

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