Facebook Is Testing New Interface and Dark Mode Feature for Desktop Users

Facebook Is Testing New Interface and Dark Mode Feature for Desktop Users

Dark mode has become extremely popular among users over last couple of years as increasing number of apps and websites are implementing the sought-after feature. Earlier this year, Facebook announced that the company will be rolling out dark mode for the website this year. And now, the social networking giant has rolled out the beta of the design changes.

In case you didn’t know, Facebook revealed dark mode for mobile apps earlier this year with the Facebook Messenger getting the design shortly afterwards. Earlier today, the social network unveiled the makeover for desktop app. However, you should note that the beta version is available in an invite-only basis at the moment.

If you have been invited by the social network to test out dark mode for the website, you will have option to choose the lite or the dark mode from the options. As you might have guessed, the lite mode offers the traditional website design while the dark mode adopts much more relaxing design. However, the new design won’t change any functionality of the social network. In case you have been invited, you will need to head to options and select the dark mode to check out the minimalistic design.

Along with the dark mode, Facebook also unveiled several new quality of life changes to the news feed. As part of these changes, the navigation has now been streamlined and you should see a new save your spot feature in it.

Dark mode is pretty popular among users as it reduces eye strains during night and can improve battery life of devices using modern OLED displays. As mentioned earlier, the new mode is available on an invite only basis. As a result, you might have to wait a while in case you weren’t selected to test out the new design.

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