Epic Games Replaces Fortnite Installer on Android

Epic Games Replaces Fortnite Installer on Android

Although Fortnite is available on almost all platforms, installation of the popular battle royale title can be little bit confusing for Android smartphone users. In order to resolve this problem, Epic Games has decided to simplify the process of installing the title on Android.

For a long time, if you wanted to install Fortnite on Android devices, you would need to visit the official website to scan a QR code which would give you the apk file. However, earlier today, the company announced 

it is changing the way gamers would need to install the game on their smartphone. Instead of using the QR code, users will be able to install the game from Epic Games mobile app. This move follows the company’s earlier decision when it opened Epic Games store to let players install the game from the app rather than Steam.

Epic Games’ latest move comes after few months earlier, the company announced that it will be bringing the Epic Games Store to Android sometime later this year. When the store becomes available, players will be able to install the available titles directly from the app. At the moment however, it’s unclear when the app will be available.

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