EA Might Be Returning to Steam After All

EA Might Be Returning to Steam After All

Earlier this week rumors started surfacing that EA might be coming back to Steam after a Twitter user RobotBrush posted that a test app for running Origin games on Steam had been used. Although EA didn’t comment on the rumors, recently the company shared a tweet featuring a steaming mug to further fuel the rumor that the company might be making a coming back to Steam.

Ever since EA launched its Origin Store back in 2011, the publisher’s titles have been absent from Steam and for a long time, players wondered if EA will ever come back to the platform. While it’s unclear if EA will start selling games on the platform again, a large number of people are speculating that the company might be coming back to Steam to sell its older titles.

On the other hand, EA might be leaning towards similar approach to Ubisoft’s Uplay if it indeed comes back to Steam. For instance, gamers will be able to purchase their titles from Steam but would require Origin to play the titles.

If EA decides to come back to Steam, it will help both Steam and EA nevertheless. For instance, it would make Steam compete with Epic Games going forward while EA getting more exposure thanks to Steam’s existing consumer base. At the moment, it’s unclear if or when EA will come back to Steam. In case you are interested, you can check out EA’s tweet below.

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