EA Is Open to the Idea of Bringing Its Titles to Epic Store

EA Is Open to the Idea of Bringing Its Titles to Epic Store

In a surprising move, EA announced that it will be bringing its titles back to Steam after the publisher left the platform since launching its own Origin store. While we will have to wait to find out if the company decides to join Epic Store anytime soon, the company has revealed that it is open to new partnerships.

EA’s latest comments came during an interview with Games Industry. When asked if the EA Access program will come to Epic Games Store in future, the company said that its goal is to become more open with the way it distributes its titles across different platforms. As the company wants to reach as much gamers as possible who are interested in enjoying its latest titles.

It’ll be certainly interesting to see if the company partners with Epic Games in the coming months. You should note that although different titles will be available through these stores, you will still need to install and use Origin to play EA titles. However, buying your games from Steam gives you distinct advantage as you would be able to unlock achievements as well as integrate your friends list.

During the interview, EA noted that it hopes to ‘break down’ barriers moving forward while bringing Cross-play across its titles. Given that console manufacturers are moving away from exclusivity, it might not be too long before Cross-play becomes the norm and your choice of console won’t matter at online gaming. But it is still too early to say anything regarding the matter and we will have to wait to see how everything unfolds in the coming years.

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