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Duolingo Brings Short Stories to Its iPhone App

Duolingo Brings Short Stories to Its iPhone App

Duolingo remains to be one of the most popular apps among those who want to learn a new language. Over the years the company has introduced several features. Few years earlier, it introduced the stories feature where you could test your reading and listening skills using short stories. While the feature was available for only web for a long time, the company has now finally brought the feature to Duolingo’s iPhone app.

Introduced back in 2017, Stories cover tales that can help you significantly while learning a new language. While some of the stories are standalone, others are multi-part tales which you can explore while learning a new language. Moreover, you can choose the stories from a number of options including several public domain classics. As mentioned earlier, you will translate and complete sentences as you go forward and earn XP for correct answer.

Although the Stories feature is pretty limited for the time being, it is pretty useful if you are trying to learn Spanish, French, German and Portuguese as an English-speaking person. On the other hand, the feature comes handy for those who speaking Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese and currently trying to learn English. At the moment however, it’s unclear when the feature will come to the Android version of the app. But expect Stories to be available on the platform pretty soon.

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