DeepMind AI Can Compete with Grandmasters of StarCraft 2

DeepMind AI Can Compete with Grandmasters of StarCraft 2

Artificial Intelligence related research have come a long way over last couple of years. If you have played video games, then you are already familiar with AI as most of the titles come with bots to allow players to play against a computer if they don’t have access to reliable internet connection. This allows players to create new strategies in case they don’t have reliable internet connections. However, these bots are pretty easy to predict and can be easily beaten after you figure out the pattern of the AI.

Interestingly, Google’s DeepMind AI has reached in such level that the AI can play alongside StarCraft 2 Grandmaster players. According to Google the AI is better than 99.8 percent of the human players. While you would think that the AI might had unfair advantage, Google revealed that’s not case to achieve the impressive result.

In the official blog post, Google revealed that DeepMind’s AI was given the same limitations as human players such as same virtual camera views, limited map information like fog of war. Moreover, the AI had limited amount of actions per minute.

This isn’t the first time AI was shown to be more competent than before. For instance, earlier this year, Elon Musk’s OpenAI took on a team of top Dota 2 players and won.

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