Chrome Brings Improved Ad Blocker to the Browser

Chrome Brings Improved Ad Blocker to the Browser

When Google announced that it won’t be supporting ad blockers on Chrome, it started a lot of discussion as Google’s primary source of revenue is the online advertisement. Interestingly, Google is currently building a new ad-blocker for Chrome that will target ads which use a lot of system resources.

According to 9to5Google the developers are working on a new tool that will address the resource heavy nature of some ads. This move isn’t particularly surprising considering Chrome is one of the most resource heavy browsers out there. When the ads take up resources even more, a site can be extremely slow to load.

Recently the tool was first mentioned in a message from a Chromium developer and in order to clarify the tool, Google has published a short guide.

In the guide, Google has noted that if ads use the main processor threads for more than 60 seconds in total, use the main thread in 15 seconds in any 30s window or simply use more than 4MB network bandwidth to load resource, the ads will be disabled. Google revealed that it will show an error message to show why Google has removed the advertisement.

If you are interested in using the latest feature, you can enable the service using a flag. However, note that the tool is still in early stage of development. As a result, it might not work perfectly at the moment but Google is expected to roll out the feature in a timely manner.

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