AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon to Bring RCS Messaging from Next Year

AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon to Bring RCS Messaging from Next Year

SMS or short message service remained the go to technology for a long time after it was introduced back in 1992. However, the technology has its limitations such as its famous 160 characters limit that contributed towards growing market of IMs over last decade. Although Rich Communication Services or RCS was introduced back in 2007, it didn’t particularly become popular among users. Despite that, Google has been pushing for the technology over last couple of years and the company has become successful in convincing 4 US carriers to adopt RCS later next year.

In case you didn’t know, RCS messages break the 160-character limit of SMS and look similar to the instant messaging services such as Apple’s iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. Moreover, the technology includes group chats, video and audio messaging as well as media files. Moreover, users will get read receipts and real-time indicators.

As you can imagine, the technology will change the way messaging works going forward. For instance, consumers prefer that companies alert them via messaging rather than traditional calls. In an official statement Ronan Dunne, CEO of Verizon Consumer Group, admitted the possibility of the RCS. He said, “CCMI will create the foundation for an innovative digital platform that not only connects consumers with friends and family, but also offers a seamless experience for consumers to connect with businesses in a compelling and trusted environment.”

However, one of the biggest shortcomings of RCS is the lack of end-to-end encryption which made instant messaging services such as WhatsApp popular among customers. As a result, it’ll be interesting to see if users adopt the new alternative. As for release, these services will appear in Android based phones next year.

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