AT&T Might Include HBO Max for Free to Existing Customers

AT&T Might Include HBO Max for Free to Existing Customers

Although we are still couple of months away from the release of HBO Max service, new details of the platform are coming out on a regular basis. While it’s unclear how HBO is planning on attracting customers, a new report from Reuters has revealed that existing AT&T customers might end up getting the service for free.

In the recent interview, AT&T Chief Operating Officer John Stankey said that the company will offer the service to the existing customers for free in the US as they already pay for HBO. Additionally, this figure includes the users who are already subscribed to AT&T wireless and other TV services.

At the moment, it’s unclear how long the promotional period will last or the current HBO subscribers will be required to pay for the service. Moreover, although the service will be more expensive compared to the current $14.99 for HBO, Reuters noted that AT&T has plans to launch a cheaper alternative in the coming years.

This wouldn’t be the first time when a streaming service offers its service to consumers in such manner. For instance, Netflix is already included in T-Mobile and cable plans, Apple is giving one-year subscription to its upcoming TV Plus to new purchases.

As for contents, the streaming service offer a number of shows AT&T owns thanks to its Time Warner purchase. Moreover, it is working on a number of new shows and has plans to offer live programming going forward. As we move closer to the release date of the platform, we should learn more about the service.

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