ARM Resumes Chip Manufacturing Business with Huawei

ARM Resumes Chip Manufacturing Business with Huawei

Earlier this year Huawei found itself in crisis after a number of U.S. companies cut their ties with the Chinese smartphone manufacturer following the company’s inclusion in the ‘Entity List’. One of these companies is ARM and interestingly, the company has announced that it will continue supplying Huawei its chip designs.

In a recent statement, the company noted that its legal team concluded that the v8 and v9 architectures are non-U.S. origin. As a result, supplying these technologies to Huawei won’t violate any laws. The company said, “ARM can provide support to HiSilicon for the ARM v8-A architecture, as well as the next generation of that architecture, following a comprehensive review of both architectures, which have been determined to be of UK origin.

“Arm is actively communicating with department officials regarding any support of our partner HiSilicon, and we remain confident we are operating within the parameters of those guidelines.”

In case you are unaware, Huawei relies healing on ARM’s design to build processors for its smartphones. Due to the U.S. government’s decision to include the company in the ‘Entity List’, the company found itself under pressure to revisit its smartphone business.

At the moment it’s unclear how Huawei will move forward with its smartphone business as the temporary reprieve granted by the U.S. government will expire later next month. We will have to wait to find out how Huawei takes action to solve the crisis going forward.

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