Apple unveils AirPods Pro with $249 Price Tag

Apple unveils AirPods Pro with $249 Price Tag

We have heard rumors about Apple’s AirPods Pro for a while and earlier today, the company introduced AirPods Pro. Although the latest earbuds look pretty similar to the standard AirPods, they have gone through major redesign under the hood and contain several new features along with noise-cancellation, and improved sound quality.

The newly introduced noise cancellation feature for the AirPods Pro is certainly a welcome one as the regular AirPods lacked the feature at the time of launch and users have been requesting the addition of the feature for a long time. In order to achieve the result, AirPods Pro uses two microphones for noise cancellation that can automatically change and adapt each of the earbuds to block out background noise.

Moreover, the earbuds now feature a ‘transparency mode’ that makes it possible to listen to music while keeping ambient noise in control. This can be helpful if you are listening to music while waiting for important announcements.

Additionally, the new AirPods Pro uses the same H1 chip which is used in the second generation of AirPods. Although the AirPods will give up to five hours of battery life, the wireless charging case can recharge the earbuds to provide up to 24 hours of battery life. Moreover, the new AirPods are sweat and water resistant. As a result, you might want to try out the latest earbuds from Apple if you were put off by the lack of certain features in past.

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