Apple Releases New HomePod Update

Apple Releases New HomePod Update

After Apple released iOS 13.2 update few days earlier, a number of users complained that the update caused bricked HomePod. Shortly afterwards Apple admitted the problem and warned its customers that in case they have installed the latest update, they should not reset their HomePods or remove the device from the Home App.

Apple at the time said that the company will release a fix promptly and if you followed Apple’s instructions regarding the prior update, you should proceed to install the latest update Apple released earlier today to your HomePod as soon as possible.

Although the latest 13.2.1 update doesn’t bring any changes according to the changelog, it has fixed the bricking problem.

If you have a working HomePod at the moment, you should update the device as soon as possible to avoid any problem going forward. Although the update should be automatically installed, you can check the firmware history of your HomePod to ensure that it is updated to the 13.2.1 version. However, if you have a broken device due to previous update, you should visit your nearest Apple Store as Apple will be replacing your device even if your HomePod is out of warranty.

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