Apple Releases iOS 13.2 with ‘Deep Fusion’ Photography

Apple Releases iOS 13.2 with ‘Deep Fusion’ Photography

Launch of iOS 13 has been everything else but smooth as the engineering team from Apple has been working pretty hard to bring the promised features. And now, the company has just rolled out iOS 13.2 that brings “Deep Fusion” photography, AirPod Pro support, a Siri privacy setting, and bunch of new emojis.

In case you didn’t know, Deep Fusion is a photography method which takes the best pixels from a series of nine images to create one photo. While users will need to own iPhone 11 to take advantage of the feature, there are other third-party apps that work on older iPhones. However, thanks to Apple’s improvement on the technology, the AI-enhanced images will result in higher detailed images which will look more natural and with less noise. This is especially the case with images taken in low-light environment.

Apart from this, the latest update also added support for new AirPods Pro unveiled by Apple few hours earlier. The latest update contains support for Announce Messages as Siri will read the incoming messages automatically. As for Emojis, the latest update brought about 70 new emojis to bring more inclusive icons.

The latest iOS update also improved privacy features for Siri. Thanks to the latest update, users will be able to turn off data sharing for the voice assistant. Apple has taken this decision after recent revelations that third-party contractors had access to the recordings of various AI.

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