App Store Bug Erases Over 20 Million App Ratings

App Store Bug Erases Over 20 Million App Ratings

According to a report earlier on Tuesday, a bug had found its way to App Store and removed more than 20 million ratings from apps. In addition to some of the biggest apps developed by Google, Microsoft, Starbucks, Hulu and Nike, some of the small developers’ apps were also affected by the bug.

According to the report from TechCrunch the sweep started affecting the platform on October 23 and has been fixed by Apple earlier today. However, mobile app insights platform Appfigues revealed that more than 300 apps were affected by the bug.

While the sweep affected a total of 155 countries, US app store was affected by it the most. According to the report, 10 million ratings vanished from US App Store while Australia followed with 2.8 million deleted ratings.

As mentioned earlier, Apple has fixed the problem earlier on yesterday and since then, the deleted ratings were restored.

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