Tim Cook Reportedly Isn’t Interested in Product Design

Tim Cook Reportedly Isn’t Interested in Product Design

We learned earlier last week that Jony Ive is leaving Apple after spending years to build some of the most well-known products that were core of Apple’s success. Ever since Steve Jobs came back to Apple, Ive remained to be one of the closest personnel to late Apple CEO. When Jobs passed away, Tim Cook became the CEO of Apple and is still in the position. Although he is one of the key reasons behind Apple’s success over last couple of years, a recent report by The Wall Street Journal  has claimed that Cook is one of the main reasons Ive is leaving the company.

According to WSJ, Cook’s lack of interests in the product development process contributed towards Ive’s departure. The report claimed that Cook wouldn’t be interested in product development until they are practically finished for launch. Given Apple turned its fortune around with its focus towards aesthetics and user experience, this might be a worrying sign for Apple going forward.

Apart from this, Ive reportedly was unhappy with the company’s board as he thought the board was filled with directors whose backgrounds weren’t related to Apple’s product lineup. For instance, Ive said to be dissatisfied with Apple Watch’s design as we wanted the watch to create its own market as a fashion accessory. But rather, the executives decided to release the Apple Watch as an extension of iPhone. The result, according to the report was dismal as Apple sold only a quarter of the amount it projected to ship in its first year following the launch.

Despite that, reports suggested that Apple will pay Ive’s new firm millions of dollars for future projects. As a result, it is safe to say that Apple will try to keep the designer on right side as the company continues to work with Ive in the coming years.

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