Rob Liefeld Wants to See Standalone Cable Franchise in the MCU

Rob Liefeld Wants to See Standalone Cable Franchise in the MCU

Deadpool fans finally got their wish earlier this year as Josh Brolin starred as Cable in Deadpool 2. Following Disney’s acquisition of Fox, it’s unclear which characters will get their movies in the coming years. While Deadpool franchise might be safe due to its commercial and critical success, Rob Liefeld recently stated that he wants to see Cable getting his solo franchise.

Liefeld’s latest comments came via his post on Instagram as he praised Brolin for his dedication to the role. In the post, Liefeld said that the actor went extra mile to portray the complexities of Cable in the latest movie as he hinted that Brolin might be interested in playing the character again in future.

He wrote, “The character, as part of the Deadpool universe, made it safely across and into the Disney fold. He’s a time traveler to boot, ripe for expanded tales of his rich history. And longtime fans are aware of the unique opportunities that fulfilling the extent of role presents. I’ve spoken on numerous occasions to Josh about his passion to go deeper into the complexities of CABLE. If there is any doubt about wether he’s game to play Cable again, just ask him. Plus, he’s told me he’s going to get even more “jacked” and swole for his next outing!”

Following the Brolin’s success in recent years, it’s hard to imagine Marvel showing him the door. However, as mentioned earlier, all of the franchises are facing uncertainty as executives at Disney try to find ways to bring these characters to MCU in the coming years. Although we will have to wait to find out if Brolin comes back to reprise his role, it’ll provide Marvel an interesting dilemma for Marvel.

Paul Bettany is the only actor till date who has reprised two different characters in the MCU thus far. As Brolin also portrayed Thanos, it’ll be interesting to see if he becomes the second actor to reprise two different roles in the MCU. Despite the unique problem, Disney will surprise a lot of people by not giving the actor his solo movie given his influence over last two Avengers movies.

At the moment, it is too early to come to a conclusion as we are still months away from getting glimpses into what Marvel might be planning. As Spider-Man: Far from Home is set to conclude the current phase and serve as a bridge for phase 4 of MCU, we will have to wait to find out how Marvel continues with different franchises going forward. you can check out Liefeld’s Instagram post below.


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