PUBG Brings Apex Legends Style Ping System

PUBG Brings Apex Legends Style Ping System

Battle Royale games have become extremely popular over last couple of years. As a result, it wasn’t a massive surprise when EA released Apex Legends earlier this year. Unlike other popular battle royale games, Apex Legends introduced an easier way to communicate with others through its revolutionary ping system. And now, PUBG has introduced similar ping system with the latest patch.

Thanks to the latest addition, you will now be able to hold the mouse wheel to flag an item for a teammate, call out enemy location or ask for backup in your current location. In case you decide to use the ping system, the messages will appear on the top left of your screen and some of the pings will place markers in your map.

Moreover, if you mark an enemy, your teammates will know about the location as they approach the enemies in an area. Apart from this, if you require ammo and ask your teammates, the ping will notify your teammates about the ammo type for the weapon.

While these will be pretty useful during a match, the patch also introduces a ‘radio system’ that that brings up a wheel of standard messages to help you communicate with your teammates. If you aren’t using a microphone, this will be extremely helpful during game. You can check out the changes introduced with the latest patch in the video down below.

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