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Netflix to Bring a TV Series Based on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman

Netflix to Bring a TV Series Based on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman

Neil Gaiman is easily one of the most celebrated fantasy/fiction authors of the current generation and unsurprisingly, studios have picked up his works over the years. For example, the Coraline animated movie, American Gods along with Amazon’s Good Omens. While we will have to wait for a confirmation, Netflix is reportedly set to bring one of Gaiman’s most popular works, Sandman on the network.

This latest news comes as a major surprise despite numerous rumors over the years regarding the series’ adaptation in other media. For instance, at one point, there were talks that Joseph Gordon Levitt was set to appear in a movie based on Sandman. It seems that Netflix has finally signed a deal with the author to turn the graphic novel into another Netflix original.

However, this won’t be the first time we will see Gaiman’s work on Netflix. In case you are unaware, Gaiman is also behind the original graphic novels of Lucifer and although the show is coming to an end after season 5, the show has attracted a large dedicated fanbase in a short period of time. Moreover, given the show’s success, it’s not a surprise that Netflix is interested in bringing originals based on Gaiman’s other works.

As the Sandman, the graphic novel series is one of the most popular series around. The series was bound into ten collections and tells the story of Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams. Given the series’ complexity, it’ll be interesting to see how Netflix proceeds to adapt the materials for a TV series.

At the moment however, Netflix hasn’t confirmed anything regarding the upcoming show but expect to hear more about it in the coming weeks as production is more than likely to start in couple of months.

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