Indie Artists Won’t be Able to Upload Music on Spotify Directly

Indie Artists Won’t be Able to Upload Music on Spotify Directly

As Spotify is the largest music streaming platform, it can be extremely powerful platform for indie artists to find a dedicated fanbase for their contents. As most of the indie artists don’t work with other companies, Spotify can be extremely useful for getting exposure at the earlier stages during their career. Although Spotify allowed musicians to upload their contents for a while, the company has now announced that it will no longer allow indie artists to upload music to the platform.

In a recent blog post, Spotify revealed that it is closing the beta program that was introduced earlier last year. As a result, the comapny has started notifying artists about the latest decision to help them migrate to other distributors in the coming days.

Spotify claimed with the latest changes; the company will focus on improving the existing tools to benefit the users in the long run. Moreover, the company is working with distributors who are serving the artist community. The company wrote, “We’re working with our distribution partners to help make this transition as simple as possible for the artists who uploaded music through the beta. At the end of this month, we’ll stop accepting any new uploads through Spotify for Artists, and artists will need to move their already released content to another provider.”

Although it’s a bummer, indie artists on Spotify will now need to look for ways to get their music out to listeners. However, the company assured the artists that the company is working on improving its offerings and will unveil more features in the coming months.

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