Google to Introduce Better File Sharing on Android Devices

Google to Introduce Better File Sharing on Android Devices

As it’s been a long time since Google introduced Android Beam, the company’s file sharing for Android, the company announced earlier this year that the feature will retire with the release of Android Q in order to bring better alternative. And now, it seems that Google will introduce Fast Share which functions similarly to Apple’s AirDrop.

Although Android beam was pretty useful, technology has come pretty far and the previous file sharing method was pretty slow when it comes to larger files. As a result, it made more sense to use a third-party app. Therefore, Google decided to retire the service and recently 9to5Google has discovered the ‘Fast Share’ function in the latest beta of Android Q. According to the outlet, the feature is a native functionality that shares files using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

In case you are interested in testing out the feature, you will need to go Settings>Google>Fast Share or use it from the ‘share menu’ If you want to use the option, you will need to enable Bluetooth and Location services to share files without internet.

Although Google is yet to confirm the addition, the recipients under the nearby devices include different products including an iPhone which suggests that Fast Sharing will be a cross platform file sharing service. At the moment, we will have to wait until August to find out if Google releases the feature with the first public release of Android Q.

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