Google Lens to Help Users Learn More about Local Artists

Google Lens to Help Users Learn More about Local Artists

San Francisco based startup Wescover has collected data related to local artists to create a comprehensive catalogue of different areas. At the moment, the startup’s online database has more than 50,000 images promoting local brands and artists. As Google continues to bring more functionalities with its service, the search engine giant has now joined the startup to help locals to discover artists in their areas.

Under the latest agreement, Wescover and Google will create an initial map of San Francisco area  which will be compatible with existing Google Lens app. Thanks to the initiative, if you become curious about an art while you are outside, you can simply open Google Lens and get more information related to the art and the artist behind the work. Both companies hope that their latest initiative will help local artists to get more exposure without spending a lot of resources to promote their products. While the feature is available in the San Francisco area at the moment, Wescover said that it wants to release the feature globally in the future.

Wescover’s co-founder and CEO, Rachely Esman, said, “We’re excited to see the difference our content is making. Each exact match gives creators the credit they deserve and enables consumers with trust to find what they’re looking for.”

It seems that Google is taking a lot of initiatives to improve offerings for the Lens. Back in May, the company revealed that the app will be getting three exciting new features. At the time, Google brought the ability to split restaurant bills, work out tips, play video from print magazines and read signs aloud in multiple languages. If you are interested in using the latest features, you can head to relevant stores to download the app.

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